Time Capsule

img_1999I’m dusting the high reaches of the book shelves, wondering how many weeks it takes for it to resemble the stacks of an abandoned library, when I find an old jar. Probably a former home for pickles, this unassuming jar is stuffed full of bits of faded, multi-colored paper. Most are stacked so they cannot be read, but two face outward: The Police. Apparently, I saw them twice, though I have the most vivid memory of the second time, the Synchronicity tour. I ran squealing to tell my friend we’d managed to get tickets and we didn’t mind driving 90 minutes round trip on a work night either.

I twist off the lid and poke through the ticket stubs. The larger ones are concerts: Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, Chuck Mangione, Neil Diamond (OK that one was with my dad), Judy Collins, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, Billy Joel, John Denver, Chicago, Prince. And my most prized concert ticket: Paul McCartney and Wings. Some are more classical fare: the orchestra, a surprising number of ballets, and an off Broadway show. There are stubs from high school and college games with scores written on them.

But most of the ticket stubs are from movies. I’ve scribbled notes on each with the title, the date, and who I went with. Some of the stubs show the price: $1.75, $3.90, $1.50, $4.00. Most are movies I remember (Return of the Jedi, Body Heat), and the people I went with include my brother (a lot), girl friends, high school boy friends, friends I reconnected with after college, and a few boys I don’t remember at all. Double dates, groups, movies with my family. Clearly, movie-going was the dominant entertainment in my teens and twenties. French movies, Hitchcock movies, all the Star Wars movies, and Rocky Horror Picture Show (I wrote “4th time!” on the stub).

After going through the entire jar, some of these ticket stubs stand out:

  • The World Trade Center Observation Deck
  • Deliverance: this was a first date (yes it was)
  • Movie dates with my soon to be husband
  • Rocky: saw it with my brother, my mom and my grandmother; during the climactic fight scene, I noticed that my gramma had fallen asleep.
  • My first concert: Bobby Sherman (that was with you, Nancy!)
  • Derby Day 5/4/74

This jar is a relic of a by-gone time. Before video tapes, DVRs, on-demand streaming entertainment, and print-at-home tickets; a time capsule of my life between 1972 and 1986. Whew! I screw the lid back on and return to the present.


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