I Do

topperWe attended a beautiful outdoor wedding yesterday. Watching the happy couple exchange their vows, you also know that months of planning and thousands of details went into this moment. They seem calm, and maybe a little relieved, to have arrived here. Basking in their glow, I remember our wedding nearly 30 years ago and the bubble I seemed to float in that day.

We planned a summer wedding, the date selected so that both my future sisters-in-law would be able to travel between babies. No matter that late July in Kentucky would be hot and humid. Like most weddings, the preparation expanded to fill all of the available months between engagement and ceremony. So many decision to make! And an odd feeling of pressure to “do it right” though I suspect that was self-imposed. Find the right clothes, venues, menus, china, silver and crystal. Alternately wondering why the heck I didn’t have a hope chest and an heirloom wedding gown, and whether we could just elope to escape all the complications.

But the day finally came, family and friends gathered from around the country. Because the decisions had already been made, there was a delightful feeling of everything in place. And that brought the calm. Calm enough to smile, to chat with every guest, to laugh as my husband wore goofy glasses for the cake cutting, calm enough to enjoy the day. And at the core, I felt confident that the two of us were ready to take on our life’s great adventure.


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